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An Early Thanksgiving of Spoons, Scum and Pumpkin Dictators

Since my parents are in town and we're all heading different directions for Thanksgiving, we opted to do a premature Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday. I'm not a huge fan of the traditional meal but I figure I can suck it up once a year. Plus, we added some really … Read More


Living the Simple Life This Winter

I spent my final semester of college on a study abroad in the Middle East. Our campus was on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem and we traveled frequently around the region. We floated in the Dead Sea and slept in cabanas by the Sea of Galilee. We roamed through Petra’s … Read More


Meet the parents: travel edition

My parents are currently en route from Canada to stay with us for a couple of weeks. I always welcome their visits but wish it was under better circumstances. My mom has been in a lot of pain lately and is hoping a nerve block will give her some reprieve. The problem: … Read More


Leaf It To Us

What do you do when there's a 40-foot pile of leaves from your town's leaf recycling drive near your house? You don't listen to Bode who cautions you to stay away. ‪ He got over it. … Read More

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October in Colorado = Glorious!

I had an epiphany: October is my favorite month of the year. Between cooler yet still mild temperatures and gorgeous fall colors, Colorado had its most delicious October ever and all I wanted to do was hike every day. Unfortunately I … Read More


Kenosha Pass: Colorado’s best place for fall colors?

Shortly after we moved into our house 10 years ago, our neighbors Lisa and Mike had just returned from mountain biking Kenosha Pass a.k.a. what they deemed "the most beautiful place in Colorado to see fall colors." It has taken us a … Read More

Dog sledding Breck!

It’s #BackToSki Week!

Sure, I'm posting about fall this week but I'm dreaming about winter! My friend Mara from Mother of All Trips asked me to participate in her Back to Ski Week at Pit Stops for Kids.  All this week, we'll be sharing tips on packing and … Read More

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