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My Ugly Sweater Coming Out Party

For years, I have wanted to go to an Ugly Sweater Party so imagine how delighted I was when I was invited to 9News’ fete. I mean, to debut my first first ugly sweater on television is quite the coming out party! The problem came when I tried to track down an ugly … Read More


How Elves on the Shelves are Actually Messengers from God

Nice title, right? I hate Elves on the Shelf as much as the next mom and I really regret ever starting the tradition. I hoped the kids would forget about them and Bode certainly did because I think they creeped him out. How would you like to wake up to an elf … Read More


Woman Giant Pumpkin Growers: They’re Not All Murderers

Jamie recently had his Rocky Mountain Giant Vegetable Growers Group Christmas breakfast. He looks forward to their socials and is very secretive about what happens there. "So, how was your meeting today?" "Good." "Did anything exciting happen?" "No." It's … Read More


Snowshoeing: The curse

I've had a roller-coaster history with snowshoeing. I'm an avid hiker so what's not to love? The problem is snowshoeing does not love me. Years ago, I asked my parents to buy me snowshoes for Christmas and they generously obliged. What I should have realized very … Read More

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Crested Butte: A glimpse at my favorite place in Colorado

It has been almost a decade since I fell in love with Crested Butte and three years since our last visit which, considering it is my favorite Colorado mountain town, is a rather shameful confession. And with some recent changes for the … Read More


The Broadmoore at Christmas=Pure magic

This week, we pulled out our Christmas decorations and prominently displayed a picture we took with Santa during The Broadmoor's White Lights Ceremony two years ago. As I was reminiscing, The Broadmoor tweeted out a picture of the kids … Read More


October in Colorado = Glorious!

I had an epiphany: October is my favorite month of the year. Between cooler yet still mild temperatures and gorgeous fall colors, Colorado had its most delicious October ever and all I wanted to do was hike every day. Unfortunately I … Read More

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