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Busted: A visit with the cops

My brother Jade arrived with his boys late last night. We always look forward to their arrival with two exceptions: 1) We get booted from his dark, cool room in the basement for our stuffy. 2) Cousin Jaxson. Don't get me wrong, we love cousin Jax but he's a hilarious … Read More


Bode’s Canadian Birthday

The kids and I are in Calgary. I'm going to be bouncing around a lot on this blog over the coming weeks, alternating between Canadian fun and our final Colorado adventures. Normally, we'd be at the lakehouse in B.C. this week but I begged my family to push back the date … Read More

Birthdays at the Lakehouse

Happy 10th Birthday to Bode!

Dear Bode, Happy Birthday! It's a big day for you. Not only are you turning double-digits but your life is about to drastically change with our move to Utah.  I know this is hard for you because, like the rest of us, you have loved the only home you've ever known. … Read More


Password Nightmares

Remember that adventure race I did with Bode where I landed in the dunk and ruined my iPhone? The fun was only beginning. After the race at Copper Mountain, I bought some rice at a little market, plunked my iPhone in it to dry out and prayed for a miracle. After all, … Read More

Awesome Family Travel Ideas


A Walk (and Trip) to Remember in Midway

Do you know those parents who take their high school seniors on a campus tour to extol the virtues of attending their Alma Mater? That's exactly what our trip to Midway was during Spring Break. We figured if we were asking the kids to … Read More


Family reunion-ing in Estes Park

For Valentine's Day weekend, the entire Johnson clan got together for a grand vacation.   YMCA of the Rockies Estes Park generously offered us one of their 8-bedroom reunion cabins for the three day weekend and we had a blast hanging out … Read More


Winter Adventures in Glenwood Springs, Colorado

One of my family's goals is to ski all 25 of Colorado's mountain resorts. We only have a handful left that include several of our state's smaller ski areas which are perfect for families. Last weekend, we played in Glenwood Springs, … Read More

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