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Happy 12th Birthday, Hadley!

Dear Hadley, Turning 12 is a big year! You will be leaving Primary (the children's organization at church) and joining the ranks of Young Women as you start start middle school in a completely new state. This isn't for the faint of heart but if you've shown me … Read More


Life Lessons from my Mountain Bike

The last few weeks have been incredibly stressful [not] selling our house with delays on the permit to build our new one (while feeling frustratingly in limbo), my Mom's rapidly declining health, financial worries, graduation parties (for dear friends' kids Jordan, … Read More


The final countdown

May has been a blur. Between house showings, endless cleaning, rain, rain and more rain, we're so ready to be done with selling this house and school. I'll get into the drama of selling our house later but here are a few of our happenings: Mother's Day I had a … Read More


A family that cooks together (don’t fill in the blank)

I do the majority of the cooking in our family while Jamie is the grill master and the kids are expert eaters. I periodically involve them in the creation process but during busy weeknights, it’s usually just easier to do it myself. But now that they’re 9 and 11, … Read More

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A Walk (and Trip) to Remember in Midway

Do you know those parents who take their high school seniors on a campus tour to extol the virtues of attending their Alma Mater? That's exactly what our trip to Midway was during Spring Break. We figured if we were asking the kids to … Read More


Family reunion-ing in Estes Park

For Valentine's Day weekend, the entire Johnson clan got together for a grand vacation.   YMCA of the Rockies Estes Park generously offered us one of their 8-bedroom reunion cabins for the three day weekend and we had a blast hanging out … Read More


Winter Adventures in Glenwood Springs, Colorado

One of my family's goals is to ski all 25 of Colorado's mountain resorts. We only have a handful left that include several of our state's smaller ski areas which are perfect for families. Last weekend, we played in Glenwood Springs, … Read More

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