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And so it begins

The Johnson Family's Sixth Annual Giant Pumpkin Season kicked off on April 15 with much excitement and fanfare. Well, as much fanfare as you can muster when soaking a pumpkin seed in water, filing it down, placing it in a moistened paper towel and transferring it … Read More


Jamie Meets Zoolander

Next week kicks off my road to the insane asylum. Hadley has dress rehearsal every night for her play at Colorado Acts, we're juggling soccer, volleyball, Cub Scouts (I'm in charge of the carnival) and Activity Days. Not coincidentally, Hadley's teacher pushed back her … Read More


The Bunny Came Back

When Jamie and I were first married, he waged war with one of most treasured possessions: Mr. Bunny. When I went away to college, my mom started the tradition of sending me decorations for every holiday. This has continued even today and I have quite the … Read More

Making Easter cookies

April updates (nevermind that I’m overdue for Jan., Feb. and March)

I'm at the point I'm so woefully far behind on blogging that I'm never going to get caught up. And it's too bad because we had a fantastic winter of travels--I mean, Canada, Colorado skiing and Mexico within a one-month span? Talk about amazing! After taking several … Read More

Awesome Family Travel Ideas


When you get sick on the same vacation…over and over again

It was to be the perfect January vacation: My son Bode and I would have our first ever mother-son getaway. My husband Jamie and daughter would join us 24 hours later at the luxurious Westin Riverfront Resort and Spa nestled at the base of … Read More


What my childhood dreams are made of in Banff National Park

Crunching snow. Flowing meltwater. Shallow breathing. These are the sounds of solitude, something I haven’t experienced with any regularity since becoming a mom almost 11 years ago. But here I am—hiking Johnston Canyon during my solo … Read More


Buttermilk’s smooth, smooth ride for families

Breaking news: Buttermilk, the easiest of Aspen/Snowmass' four mountains, is my new top choice for best Colorado resort for young families. Not only did they open a 7,500-square foot state-of-the-art children's center with many nooks, … Read More

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