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My stint as a Los Angeles Lakers Cheerleader

I was recently cleaning out our crawl space when I happened upon a blast from my past in one of my storage containers.  Sports Illustrated May 6, 1996, to be exact. I was at BYU and my good friend Robert (married to my bestie Lori) commented, "I saw an LA Lakers … Read More


Ying and Yang Do Homework

One of my recent Facebook posts: "Fact: I hate homework and school waaaay more now than I ever did as a kid." True story and we're not even at the really tough school years yet. My personal opinion is it's ridiculous to force a kid to sit through seven hours of … Read More

Annecy, France

When roadblocks are actually stepping stones

As many of you know, I served an LDS mission in Switzerland and France in my early-20s. My experiences there were completely life-altering and changed the entire trajectory of my life, including who I ended up marrying. One of the very best parts of my mission was … Read More


Humans of New York: Education Edition

I mentioned a while back that I absolutely love the Humans of New York Facebook/Instagram feed.  I'm always curious to know strangers' stories and this satiates that curiosity. I've had my share of frustrations with the interim principal at Hadley's school this … Read More

Awesome Family Travel Ideas


Like a Lion to the Slaughter

Welp, 2015 has come in like a lion and I'm hoping it will go out like a lamb (if I survive that long). Many, many good things are going down and I'm feeling overwhelmingly grateful but mostly just overwhelmed. A video from comedian Jim … Read More


Merry Christmas!

If you read my blog, our annual holiday newsletter is old news to you. But I assure you, Fat Kitty has never looked better. Merry Christmas! If 2014 could be summed up quickly, it would be non-stop travels for the first six months and … Read More


Crested Butte: A glimpse at my favorite place in Colorado

It has been almost a decade since I fell in love with Crested Butte and three years since our last visit which, considering it is my favorite Colorado mountain town, is a rather shameful confession. And with some recent changes for the … Read More

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