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Going “professional” at the Arvada Scarecrow Festival

If the giant pumpkin growers were poorly received at the Jared's Nursery weigh-off, they were treated like royalty at the Arvada Scarecrow Festival. Jamie's buddy Joe grew the biggest pumpkin in Colorado this year (1,292 pounds) and instead of putting it on display … Read More


It’s Pumpkin Season!

Despite the fact that Jamie didn't "grow big" this year, we are still in the throes of pumpkin season. In case you missed that tragic announcement, Jamie lost both his plants to yellow vine disease in August.  He chopped up "Bo" but for some reason, he cut "Lucille" … Read More


Breaking Bad and the Giant Pumpkin

We’re calling this a twofer. Fox 31 asked to come to my house to interview me about crystal meth action figures yesterday, they saw my husband Jamie’s giant pumpkins and interviewed him after. Jamie is now claiming the media is going through me to get to … Read More


My (spooky) nighttime confession

In preparation for a Halloween party last Friday, I trolled music videos on YouTube. I found many classics like Monster Mash and Ghostbusters but the king of them all is, of course, Michael Jackson’s Thriller.  My kids gathered around my computer. My 10-year-old … Read More

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Kenosha Pass: Colorado’s best place for fall colors?

Shortly after we moved into our house 10 years ago, our neighbors Lisa and Mike had just returned from mountain biking Kenosha Pass a.k.a. what they deemed "the most beautiful place in Colorado to see fall colors." It has taken us a … Read More

Dog sledding Breck!

It’s #BackToSki Week!

Sure, I'm posting about fall this week but I'm dreaming about winter! My friend Mara from Mother of All Trips asked me to participate in her Back to Ski Week at Pit Stops for Kids.  All this week, we'll be sharing tips on packing and … Read More


Colorado’s breath of fresh air at Alderfer/Three Sisters

Today was like a breath of fresh air. After our month-long road-trip to Canada in July, I needed a break from traveling and we have become relative homebodies as we've fallen into our back-to-school routine with Bode's soccer, Hadley's … Read More

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